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Company Culture

Enterprise development strategy

Pay attention to market dynamics ,make great efforts on the products quality and pursuit the first-class of the world.

Enterprise objective

Set up one-hundred minetal resources and creat a first class ankrpise.

Moral rule

Remold people with lefty ideals,armed people with modern management idea,win market share with loyalty and advanced with super quality and competitive precede .

Enterprise value

People ,innovative development.

Enterprise spirit

Exploit,innovate,realistic and dedication。

Four basic disciplines

1.Obey commands
2.Maintain unity with the company 
3.Everyone is equal und the policy

Ten announcements

1.Safety production
2.Quality awareness
3.clear and defimte employment objective
4.Discipline must be practiable.
5.Get along well with colleague
6.Promoting Company image
7.Keep the secret of company 
8.Work on time.
9.Diligent and thrifty 
10.Keep forgiry ahead actively

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