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The importance of KBK crane installation before use

  As well-known companies of KBK crane, henan mine crane, for our long term business of mechanical product quality and reliable, excellent performance, get the favour of users. Next, small make up for my friends introduce the importance of the crane installation before use, hope small make up the following introduction could be of any help to you.

  1, first of all, the crane are mostly large structure, mechanism of complex mechanical equipment, it is often hard to overall transport, often is to ground the equipment after fission transport to use whole assembly;

  2, must be properly installed in order to reflect the overall qualification of crane, can test the soundness and completeness of the crane;

  3, crane is in the use of space, or the structure of the orbit. And crane high security requirements, security device must be installed correctly, and improve in order to achieve reliable, flexible and accurate technical requirements;

  4, according to the importance of KBK crane safety work, in order to make the crane can meet the requirements of various load after put into use, it must be conducted in accordance with the provisions regarding the no load, full load and overload of static load and dynamic load test;

  5, the test must be in the running state of crane institutions or specific stationary state. This requires the crane load experiment was carried out after installation can only be handed over to use;

  6, crane steel wire rope and other flexible parts and many other parts, will be happened after the first loaded loose some elongation, deformation, etc. It also requires the crane crane installation, try to load transfer, calibration, adjustment, repair processing and fastening;

  7, must be prepared to crane installation, commissioning, speed and so on a series of work, to ensure normal use of the crane safety in the future.

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