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KBK flexible single beam crane

KBK flexible single beam crane

The KBKC flexible light combined system crane has kbkc-ld single beam, and the lifting weight of 0.125t ~ 2t is applicable to a wide range, especially for modern production transmission line. Its characteristics are summarized as follows:

1. Good relia

Product features

1. Reasonable installation size and light weight

The crane is composed of KBK standard components, which enables you to quickly and reliably realize material transportation in a specific area and precise positioning of various components.

2。 Economic efficiency

It can be simply hung on the roof of the building or on the superstructure, the crane track does not need additional auxiliary support, whether serving part or all of the workshop, it can be simply and reliably installed, with low cost.

3. Safe and reliable

Due to the light weight of the equipment and the light operation of the trolley, JKBK single-beam suspension crane can be easily moved by hand and can transport the heavy and heavy workpieces quickly and reliably。

2. Maximum span: 6m

4. Good reliability and high stability

The components of the system are all standard modules, which can guarantee mass production and high quality production, so the system is very reliable。 The main part of the system module is three kinds of cold rolled profiles with high strength, good rigidity and light weight, which ensure the stability of the system。

5. Strong adaptability

We can design and install flexibly according to the needs of each station. From fixed point delivery to high accuracy multi-point, multi-beat automatic transmission line, can be combined at will. It can be used for the new design of the plant, as well as for the transformation and extension of the system.

6。 Convenient installation, economical and efficient

It is very convenient to install and debug。 The profiles and standard modules can be used only by bolting, which can save the factory space and area, thus reducing energy consumption and improving enterprise。The system can be operated manually or automatically and semi-automatically, with high efficiency。


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